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Mining Equity Trust

Regency is an investor in MET - Mining Equity Trust; created to pursue a metallurgical coal roll-up strategy in the Eastern United States.

Key Facts

Owns and Operates Omega Holdings LLC in Virginia in the Appalachian coal fields

Pursuing US Based Coal Roll-Up Strategy


Regency Mines holds 25.84% of Mining Equity Trust (“MET”), a joint venture including Legacy Hill Resources and Carraigbarre Capital Limited to identify and acquire metallurgical coal assets in the United States.


OMEGA Metallurgical Coal: MET owns and operates 100% of Omega Holdings LLC, a metallurgical coal business in southwest Virginia in the United States.  Omega is a regional leader in using highwall mining to extract coal from the Appalachian mountainsides.  Metallurgical coal is an essential ingredient in primary steel making for which there is currently no substitute.

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