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Regency owns 100% of license area 2014/01 covering 555km2 in Narsarsuaq in Southern Greenland.

Key Facts

One of the world’s largest undeveloped Niobium-Tantalum deposits with additional Rare Earth credits

JORC Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate of 340mt @ 120ppm Ta2O5, 1850ppm Nb2O5 and 4600ppm Zr02

100% RGM owned – clean structure. License acquired for nominal cost, previous operator spent millions defining JORC Resource before reluctantly dropping project

Early license years have small exploration commitment. Nine additional exploration targets and anomalies defined


100% owned by Regency Mines plc – the Motzfeldt Project (555km2 license 2014/01) hosts one of the world’s largest undeveloped multi-element (Niobium (Nb), Tantalum (Ta), Zirconium (Zr) and Rare Earth Elements (REE)) deposits.

Location and geology

Motzfeldt is located in southern Greenland, immediately adjacent to the International Airport at Narsarsuaq. The project is readily accessible year round by direct flights from Europe and via deep water fjords. Motzfeldt has numerous targets less than 30km from Narsarsuaq including the Aries Target where SRK reported a JORC Inferred Mineral Resource Estimate of 340mt @ 120ppm Ta2O5, 1850ppm Nb2O5 and 4600ppm Zr02. Mineralisation is believed to be open to the south and east.

Motzfeldt is located in the same geological province (Gardar Province) and less than 50km northeast of two of the world’s largest REE resources:

  • Kvanefjeld deposit (Greenland Minerals and Energy A/S) – JORC Resource of 575M lbs U3O8, 10.3Mt TREO, 2.24Mt Zn
  • Kringlerne Project (Tanbreez Mining Greenland A/S) – Inferred Resource Estimate of 4.3Bt @1.8% ZrO, 0.2% Nb2O, 0.5% LREE and 0.15% HREE

Mineralization at Motzfeldt is hosted by syenite and peralkaline microsyenite rocks of the Motzfeldt Sø Formation and often associated with strong hydrothermal alteration. Ta-Nb mineralization is generally held within pyrochlore group minerals while REE and Zr occurs in lenses and layers. REEs are held in bastnasite and monazite with coarse “free” grains potentially offering straightforward recovery by milling and heavy metal separation.

Project History




The Gardar Province was formed by a peculiarity of crustal evolution through which magmas became highly evolved, concentrating key minerals into an unusual abundance of rich REE & multi-element deposits.

In addition to the JORC Resource at Aries, Motzfeldt has nine other exploration targets and anomalies requiring further investigation. Other parts of the license area and region in general remain unexplored.

Priority targets for further work at Motzfeldt include:

  • Voskop – Nb, Ta, Zr, REE
    – Highest REE grades identified within 2014/01
    – Samples containing up to 10,800ppm TREO and 22.3% HREO & Y2O3
  • Drysdale – Nb, Ta, Zr, REE
    – Samples up to 16,700ppm Nb2O5,328ppm Ta2O5,and 13,000ppm TREO
    – Intense hydrothermal alteration and veining with high Nb grades sampled
    – Potential to be significantly larger than Aries, with better logistics
  • North Qoroq – Nb, Ta, Zr, REE
    – Reported carbonatite and lujavrite, faulted offset of Black Ram target
    – Best logistics of license area,
  • Motzfeldt is already known to host one of the world’s largest undeveloped Niobium-Tantalum deposits, yet the remains considerable potential for further resource expansion and new discovery.

Other Operations and Investments