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Dempster Vanadium

Key Facts

50% Project Interest in the Northern Yukon, 65km north of Eagle River Lodge - located on Dempster Highway

196 mineral claims with vanadium rich metalliferous black shales (BSV)

Similar projects in Nevada fast tracked to production

Excellent infrastructure: highways, access to ports, fuel delivery and labour


An option to acquire a 50% interest in the Dempster vanadium project was first announced on 6 December 2018, and following a diligence process the Company exercised this option on 24 January 2019.

The project includes 196 claims covering 40.96 km2 with up to a 20km potential strike.  The entirety of the property lies alongside the Dempster Highway, some 65km north of the Eagle River Lodge, in the Northern Yukon, Canada.  This area has excellent infrastructure, highways and access to ports and logistics.

The goal of the project is to further identify and exploit vanadium in black shales, a potentially ideal source of material for the battery metal markets.  Previous work on the property was focused primarily on nickel, and it was from existing drill-holes that vanadium results were initially identified at 0.26% V2O5 in roadcut


  • Vanadium essential to steel industry
  • 90% world supply currently used in steel manufacture
    products include axles, tools & structural rebar
  • Hardening agent with few substitutions
  • Deemed critical metal by Trump administration
  • Limited domestic supply of mined vanadium
  • Integral to emerging markets infrastructure projects
  • China largest producer of mined & recycled vanadium
    perceived threat to US steel industry & national security
    development boom in Nevada & Uravan areas of US

Battery Metal

  • Focus now on Vandium Redox Flow Batteries
    • Large batteries for grid + renewable storage
    • Rapidly growing market with large battery capacities
    • Slow discharges and long periods of ready state
    • Modular/scalable/long-lasting

Other Operations and Investments