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Board of Directors

  • Andrew Bell, MA, LLB

    Chairman and CEO

    Andrew Bell began his career as a natural resources analyst at Morgan Grenfell & Co. in the 1970s. His business experience encompasses periods in fund management and advisory work at leading financial institutions, international corporate finance work and private equity. Andrew Bell’s listed company directorships are Red Rock Resources Plc (AIM), Chairman and CEO, Jupiter Mines Ltd (ASX), Non-Executive Director. Andrew Bell is also a former Director various resource sector companies including Star Striker Ltd (now Intiger Group Ltd) (ASX), and a former Non-Executive Chairman of Greatland Gold Plc (AIM).

    Andrew Bell has considerable sector experience, and his relevant skills also include financial, business and legal analysis, knowledge of Asia, as well as experience of public markets.

    Andrew Bell, MA, LLB
  • Scott Kaintz, BSc, MBA

    Executive Director, COO and CFO

    Scott Kaintz has an MBA from London Business School and Columbia Business School. He started his career as a US Air Force Officer and analyst working across Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia. Scott Kaintz has held operational and managerial roles in the defense industry and worked in corporate finance and investment funds in London, focusing primarily on capital raising efforts and debt and equity investments in small-cap companies. He joined Red Rock Resources Plc in 2011 in a Corporate Finance role and has subsequently become an Executive Director where he works to identify, evaluate and source funding for natural resource development projects. Scott Kaintz is also an Executive Director of Red Rock Resources Plc, listed on AIM and has following Non-Executive Directorships at Curzon Energy Plc, listed on the LSE, and White Car Ltd, a private company.

    Scott Kaintz has relevant skill sets in financial analysis, modelling, budgeting, and finance, and has worked for a number of years in the public company arena and in the resource sector. He also as a U.S. citizen understands the U.S. corporate and business environment.

    Scott Kaintz, BSc, MBA
  • Edmund Bugnosen, BSc

    Non-Executive Director

    Edmund Bugnosen has a BSc in Mining Engineering from Adamson University, Philippines and studied Environmental Science at the International Institute of Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering (IHE) in Holland. He has worked in both the government and private sectors of the Philippine mining industry. Since 1989 he has worked out of the UK as a consultant for governments, mining companies, NGOs and development agencies, including the UN, UNIDO, the World Bank, the EU, ILO, DFID, and the BGS. Edmund Bugnosen has also served as Senior Mining Engineer in the Department of Mines and Petroleum of Papua New Guinea and as a Technical Assistant to the Namibian Ministry of Mines and Energy. He has published and presented papers on mining laws and regulation, small-scale mining and related environmental, social and development issues.

    Edmund Bugnosen has considerable sector experience, and technical skills, and a strong knowledge background on Papua New Guinea.

    Edmund Bugnosen, BSc