"We add value to our assets by joint venture, acquisition and disposal of mineral resource interests in addition to being an active investor in the mineral resources corporate market."


Regency believes in key relationships as offering pathways to accelerated growth and looks for opportunities to apply new technologies, processes and thinking to mining.

Our relationships with all our investment projects have been valuable and will continue to drive shareholder value in the future. The opportunity to invest in the Direct Nickel technology not only as a licence-holder but as the biggest industry investor, along with CSIRO and Teck Cominco, advances the strategy to lead a “disruptive technology” revolution in the nickel industry.

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Red Rock Resources plc

www.rrrplc.com >

  • Floated Red Rock Resources on AIM
  • Gold and iron ore exploration
  • RGM retains 5% stake

RAM Resources

www.ramresources.com.au >

  • Listed on ASX (ASX: RMR)
  • RGM vehicle for developing Fraser Range project; earn-in agreement in place
  • Current shareholding 5.31%
  • 7.90% carried interest in the Fraser West project 

Direct Nickel Limited

www.directnickel.com >

  • Developer of nickel processing technology
  • RGM has 6.78% shareholding

Alba Mineral Resources plc

www.albamineralresources.com >

  • Listed on AIM
  • 4.23% shareholding
  • Alba owns 10% of Horse Hill Developments Ltd
  • Horse Hill conducting onshore oil exploration near Gatwick
 All figures correct as of  18 May 2015  



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