Through investments the Company indirectly holds Australian
iron ore interests, Asian coal interests and through a strategic
partnership, Regency is involved in nickel treatment technology.

The company looks for investments and projects with potential for significant magnitude. Mambare,
the DNi treatment technology, and the investment in Oracle Coalfields plc all have the potential to
develop into sizeable projects on a global scale.

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Copper and Gold

Bundarra, Australia

260 sq km

The Bundara project surrounds a granodrite pluton in the Bowen Basin of central Queensland and was a former mining camp that produced copper commercially in the late 19th and early20th century and has been worked for gold.

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Key Facts


  •  VTEM flown over whole area in 2011
    to identify conductors and enable
    structural interpretation - focus on
    two main areas of historic mining
  • Initial targets identified in preliminary
  • Full VTEM interpretation and drill
    plan pending

Nickel laterite

Mambare, Papua New Guinea

245 sq km

Known and explored since 1960s with limited shallow auger drilling; the first drill programmev carried out on the deposit was by the Company in 2008.

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Key Facts

  • 2011 ground penetrating radar and
    4,000m drill programme designed
    to test new areas of plateau and to
    establish JORC Mineral Resource.
  •  Applications in process for two
    large nearby areas of geothermal



Base metals and gold

Munginlup/Ravensthorne, Australia

XX sq km

VTEM surveys flown over key project areas to assist target generation. Follow up drill programmes under preparation.

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Prospects include

  • Pyramid sulphides (NiS)
  • Munginlup graphite (NiS, graphite,
  • Kambalda (Au)
  • Halls Creek (Cu)


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