"Our primary focus is on nickel, with a secondary focus on base and precious metals exploration and opportunities in Australia"

Press Coverage

27 July 2015 Regency Mines shares surge as it mulls US oil investment - Proactive Investors PDF Icon
17 June 2015 Regency Mines encouraged by early exploration in Sudan - Proactive Investors PDF Icon
03 June 2015 RAM about to kick off drilling at Fraser Range - Proactive Investors PDF Icon
20 May 2015 Regency Mines strikes deal for Australian graphite assets - Proactive Investors PDF Icon
13 May 2015 Mobilization to Jebel Abyad Phosphate block - Sudan Vision Daily PDF Icon
12 March 2015 Regency Mines sells Horse Hill stake to Alba Minerals - Proactive Investors PDF Icon
09 March 2015 "Regency Mines plays a long Nickel game, while keeping one eye on early cash flow from oil" - Minesite PDF Icon
04 February 2015 Regency Mines Update capital reorganisation - Proactive Investors PDF Icon
27 November 2014 Regency Mines Horse Hill and Beyond - Mining Maven PDF Icon
24 October 2014 Regency Mines Update interview with Andrew Bell - Mining Maven PDF Icon
14 July 2014 Update interview on HHDL investment (Audio interview with Andrew Bell) - MiningMaven PDF Icon
2 April 2014 Regency's Ambitions - Interview - Minesite PDF Icon
28 February 2014 "Regency Mines: Historic Recurrence?" (Audio interview with Andrew Bell) - MiningMaven PDF Icon
20 February 2014 "Why we're buying RGM/RRR again!" - MiningMaven PDF Icon
18 February 2014 "We can't just sit around waiting" - Minesite PDF Icon
October 2013 Nitric Nickel - Materials World PDF Icon
September 2013 Direct Nickel Pilot Plant Visit Report - MiningMaven PDF Icon
August 2013 Sudan Agrominerals Report - MiningMaven PDF Icon
June 2013 Fraser Range Nearology Report - ResourceStocks PDF Icon
May 2013 Red Rock Resources / Regency Mines: The Unlikely Lads - Share Prophets (free registration to read online here PDF Icon
May 2013 Acid Test for Nickel Process (DNi) - Mining Magazine PDF Icon
May 2013 DNi Test Plant Official Opening - DNi Press Release PDF Icon
May 2013 Interview with Andrew Bell - MiningMaven (audio recording) PDF Icon
April 2013 Article by Alastair Ford - MineSite.com PDF Icon
04 July 2012 Regency Mines enters option deal for agromineral licences in Sudan - Proactive Investors PDF Icon
12 June 2012 Regency Mines to Plan Scoping Study at Mambare - Minesite  PDF Icon
27 April 2012 Small-Cap Movers - Daily Mail PDF Icon

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