"We aim to be socially and environmentally responsible, following and exceeding standards set for exploration companies around the world"

Corporate responsibility

Regency aims to be a responsible explorer and miner, and takes account of environmental and social issues. It applies the same standards wherever in the world it operates.

Regency is aware that our major contribution to communities is often the employment we bring, and in Mambare our workforce has been recruited among different families and groups with the assistance of community leaders so that the benefits are spread as widely as possible. In Sudan junior geologists accompany the Sudan team on field trips to develop agromineral expertise


In Papua New Guinea, where we operate
a nickel-cobalt exploration project over the
Mambare plateau in Oro Province, we have
actively engaged with the local community
to work out ways in which we can use our
capabilities to assist them in social projects.



In Sudan, where we are exploring for agrominerals, we are very careful to maintain the environment when working and ensure that all of our camp sites remain clean and tidy once we leave. We are committed to restoring the areas to their original condition.


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