"Regency Mines is an AIM-listed junior exploration company with investments and exploration interests in base metals, agrominerals, and oil and gas."


Regency Mines plc seeks to use its financial and exploration skills to leverage opportunity in the mineral sector. It looks for projects internationally where there is the possibility of large-scale discoveries, for maximum leverage to exploration success.

It supplements this by shorter term exploration in the active and transparent Australian market, and by dealing in assets. It aims to enhance returns by active engagement in new technologies and frontier markets. Regency adds value to its assets by joint venture, acquisition and disposal of mineral resource interests in addition to being an active investor in the mineral resources corporate market.

Strategic focus and diversification 

The Company’s primary focus has been on nickel, with a secondary focus on base and precious metals exploration and opportunities in Australia, agrominerlas in Sudan, oil and gas in USA and multi-elements in Motzfeldt, Greenland. Such an asset mix ensures exposure to a variety of commodity types and protects against volatility in individual markets.

Scale Potential

The Company seeks projects and commodities that provide pay-off potential several orders of magnitude larger than the initial investment. The Mambare Nickel Project and the potential Sudanese agro-minerals project if developed all represent investments with company-transformation potential.

Value identification and realisation

Regency seeks value creation in a variety of locations and situations. For example, investing in a company that is at the forefront of ground-breaking nickel processing technology such as DNi, willingness to explore and operate in untapped frontier markets such as Sudan and the flexibility to recognise opportunities and monetise assets rapidly.

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